Monday, January 21, 2008

Point Break LIVE!

Yes, you read correctly... Point Break LIVE! If you loved the guilty pleasure that is the Patrick Swayze-Keanu Reeves summer hit of 1991, you will LOVE watching the LIVE "stage" adaptation of Point Break. We saw it on Saturday night and it was hilarious!

The best part? They choose an audience member from the audience to portray FBI Special Agent Johnny Utah who reads off of cue cards all night to capture the wooden magic of Keanu. Our Johnny Utah was awesome - Jim, an aspiring writer/comedian... The skydiving scene was SO frickin' funny. I thought we were going to die laughing.

Even if you've never seen Point Break, I'd recommend seeing this. It's completely absurd and wonderful. When I heard it was a play, I thought it'd be in a theater, but it's actually in a lounge - Charlie O's in the Alexandria Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Tickets are only $20 and it's worth every penny. I'd recommend sitting directly in front of the stage for best viewing. Beforehand, you might want to eat at Weeneez across the street. We didn't try it, but it looked good!

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