Thursday, January 17, 2008

Work Update

Work has finally kinda/sorta calmed down. We finished up all the accounting associated with the sale of the company and finalized the last two months' books. I'm still pretty busy because now I'm trying to catch-up on everything that's been neglected over the last month!

The hardest part now is dealing with my boss leaving. I've worked with him for almost 10 years and I have enjoyed working with him. Every time he starts talking about when he's gone, or I start talking to a friend about him leaving, I just want to start crying and sometimes can't help myself. I've learned so much from him, both personally and work-related that it's hard to imagine not having him here to bounce ideas off of every day. I hope that we will still keep in touch once he's gone.

He's somewhat anti-social and hates going to parties and such, but Marilyn & I are organizing a surprise dinner for him during his last week here. I spoke with his wife and best friend and they're going to help me get him there. I know if he knew about it in advance he would not want us to organize something like that, but I know that he will actually enjoy it once he's there. His best friend thought it was a great idea. He's worked here for so long and taken care of the company and its employees that everyone wants a chance to say good-bye and wish him well.

Man, I am going to miss him!!!


Dave said...

Um... he doesn't read your blog, right?

Stephanie said...

No! Of course not! He doesn't even know I *have* a blog!