Friday, July 27, 2007

What about the blog?

I had some friends over last night for a party games night. #5 was coming a little late and I was telling everyone, "All right, everyone be nice to him!" and someone said, "What his name anyway?" I told them and a couple of them said, "OK, gotta remember to call him that and not 'number 5.' " I was like, "NOOOOO, do NOT call him that. And don't mention the blog!"

Question: What?! He doesn't know about the blog?
Answer: No, he does not.
Question: Why?
Answer: It hasn't come up.

It's not like this blog is a secret, but it hasn't come up in conversation yet. I haven't necessarily avoided or purposely omitted the topic, I just haven't actively brought it up, mainly because I don't feel like it's a "big" part of my life or anything. Also, I kind of am still feeling like, maybe this one won't really turn into anything, so why even bother saying anything to him about it? I figure this is like classified info. I'll tell him on a "need to know" basis. :-)

I don't write anything super personal about the relationship or him, so really, I don't think it's a big deal. I wonder if he'll think it's weird though. I think it would be different if I shared all the mixed up feelings I have at different points about him. In general, I try to stick to the positive. So far, nothing majorly negative has popped up, just minor stuff that kind of bothers me. But I haven't said anything to him about it yet because I kinda feel like it might be me, so I'm trying to be rational. Which can be challenging at times. Sometimes parts of my brain just wanna do their own thing and I have to rein them in.

Oh! And it seemed like he fit in just fine with my friends and he enjoyed himself. Everyone seemed to like him. I think he would go to another games night!


Anonymous said...

Did you edit out the posts about your "break up" and getting back together?

Stephanie said...

I did un-publish them. Originally when I posted the one about wanting to break-up with him, I figured that was it, so he'd never see it.

I'm learning that he might be a bit on the private side, so I need to take that into account.