Thursday, July 19, 2007

Gulf Games so far

Well, it's only been one day so far... And I made it all the way through a full game of Through the Ages. It only took, let's see, with a dinner break and welcome party break, hmmm... about 7 hours with rules. Whew. I hope it goes much quicker the next time I play it. And I've already got a game of Die Macher set up for tomorrow at 1 PM. What was I thinking? I'll never win friendliest gamer playing games like that!!

However, James was gracious enough to drive me around to two doctor's offices yesterday so I could get diagnosed, but while I was asking James about it, Alan Moon (Shane - he designed Ticket to Ride!) offered me his car! Luckily, James was free and could take me, which was much easier on me, that's for sure. I would've been so out of it trying to figure out where I was going with being sick.

I've managed to play a bunch of new games too. I need to get some sleep. Update tomorrow.

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