Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Couch Surfing

Months ago, I read about in the paper (maybe the Travel section or Parade?). The idea is that you sign up on the website and then you host - let people sleep on your couch, or surf - sleep on someone else's couch. Since I signed up last year, I've had several people contact me, but for one reason or another, I've never let anyone actually come surf on my couch. Until now.

I got an email today and it's a guy (why are they ALWAYS guys?) and judging by his profile, he sounds fine and he's actually hosted people at his place, so I told him he could stay for two nights. I gave him the warning that I snore and the couch isn't actually all that comfy, so we'll see if he accepts. But if he does, he will be my first official couch surfer!

So far, my only experience with couch surfing has been through my friend Stephanie, a fellow couch surfing member. She has hosted a few times and I met one of the groups. They came over for swimming and beer last summer. They were from Wales and we had a great time. I'm curious to see how this goes. I just hope he's not an axe murderer or something. If he does accept, he'll be spending the night next Wednesday and Thursday night.


Carolyn said...

Oh, that would freak me out! You have to let us know how it goes. Although, I'm sure whoever stayed with us would be more freaked out once they saw how many handguns we keep on our bedside tables.

Dawn said...

Yeah that's a little sketchy for me. Maybe a nice strong friend who is a light sleeper can join you?!

Let me know how it goes!!

Stephanie said...

I talked to him on the phone today. He's Puerto Rican and used to be a PE teacher. He sounds very gregarious and fine. He arrives at midnight on Wednesday night. We'll see how it goes!!