Thursday, April 19, 2007

Couch Surfing - Guest #1

My first couch surfing guest arrived *late* last night around 1:00 AM. His name is Shannon and so far, everything has been great. I had actually dozed off by the time he was leaving LAX. The rental car place only had two people working and it took him over an hour to get his car.

He arrived and was actually cuter than his picture (I'll see about posting a photo). I showed him the couch. I had already set aside everything he'd need. He's here trying to get in touch with some agencies to do modeling/acting. He used to be a PE teacher and coach college basketball when someone approached him about modeling. So, he's been in some commercials and is giving it a shot! There was a screaming deal on Spirit for $38 round trip to LA, and he said that he had to give it a shot!! How can you pass up such a cheap ticket!? Especially if you don't have a 9-5 type job to hold you down. He's couch surfing to save the $$, which I totally understand.

He says he has a gift for me too, I'm curious as to what it is. I do know it's some type of clothing. This is the first time he's ever stayed on someone's couch. He's hosted a few people before. We'll see how tonight goes. He might be interested in playing some dominos (Carribbean-style) if anyone wants to come over and meet him!

The cool thing is that if this goes well, I will have someone whose couch *I* can sleep on the next time I'm in Miami! Awesome!!

Update: So, he stayed until Friday morning. We stayed up til 4 AM chatting on Thursday night. He was very chatty and very nice. We started talking about couch surfing and basically came to the conclusion that it takes a certain kind of person to do couch surfing and to sign up to offer their couch up for a complete stranger.

Oh! The gift was a sarong! I will definitely be wearing it this summer! We took a picture together, but it's on his camera. Once I get a copy, maybe I'll post it. Overall, I had a very positive experience with him. I think I would definitely host again, and perhaps I'll even try staying with someone when we go to Europe this fall!


Dawn said...

So, what's going on with your couch surfer? I need an update!

Stephanie said...

Sorry for the lack of updates. The last few days have been super busy.

A shout out to you Dawn! The only person who called to make sure that I hadn't been "hacked into tiny little bits"!! :-)