Thursday, March 15, 2007

Posting will resume shortly

I've been having a rough week this past week and I've been wanting to post, but I haven't had much free time. I have a bunch of half-written posts. We'll see if I can clean any of them up to post this weekend.

My work problem has me working more than I think I ever have! Basically, we lost our hard drive that stores all our manufacturing/production/accounting data. We back-up everyday, but apparently something happened so that none of our back-ups were readable. So, our last good back-up was from 12/21/06. I've been a data entry fiend, just reentering everything again. I worked last Saturday and I'm scheduled to work this Saturday again. I've been coming in early and staying late. Whew! But I've still managed to get in lots of socializing! Who needs sleep? Bah!

Tonight is my first "night off" in 13 days. My plan? To watch Seven Up! and 7 Plus Seven and eat dinner at home for once this week! I have been declared the "most boring Netflix friend on the planet" by Shane because I've had that movie at home since October 2006. Yes, I know it's a waste of money. I am determined to watch it and send it on its merry way tomorrow morning. And then I'm not going to let the next one sit so long. If I do, I'm going to cancel my account.

Starting on Monday, I have two solid weeks of plans topped off by a birthday trip to Vegas! When am I going to get my laundry done? I better do some tonight! And looking ahead, I see I have almost every weekend day in April booked up too. Having lots of friends is awesome, but man, they keep me busy!!

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