Friday, March 02, 2007

Computers rule the world

Or at least mine, especially while I'm at work. There's nothing like a failed hard drive to turn your world upside down.

So instead of sipping drinks at a bar with some friends, I might be cruising down to the OC to pick up our sick drive to get it looked at by some Disk Doctors this weekend.

Please, please, please let the drive work once the technician tries it at home.

*fingers crossed*


Pappy said...

Bah. Hard drives suck. I got burned once too often and finally decided to figure out a backup solution. I ended up using an online system called Mozy. You get 2GB free backup and it encrypts on the client so there's no privacy concern. Check it out : (yeah, it's a referral thing... if you sign up, I get another 250MB).

I've got my finger's crossed that your data is okay, but learn from this... backup! :)

Stephanie said...

We do back up every day. The problem is that the "red flag" that something was wrong was the fact that the backup wasn't running properly. So, my assistant mentioned it to me before I went on vacation and I told her what I thought we should try and she didn't mention it to me again before I left, so I didn't think it was a "problem."

So as soon as I got back from vacation, she's like, "Hey, the backup hasn't been running for over a week!" and I got right on it.

Unfortunately, our last backup was 2/7/07. We'll see if the can reclaim our data.