Monday, March 05, 2007

Disk Doctors to the rescue!

Our sick hard drive was diagnosed as recoverable. But it's going to be pri-cey! But we gotta have it, so what are we going to do?

The current plan is this... I leave work at 7 AM (thank God for books on CD!) and drive down to LAX to pick up the disk drive and a copy of it and a CD of the data and drive it back to work where I will get to follow instructions given by a computer techie person over the phone on how to install this insanely important drive into the computer. Great. No pressure, right?

Although I am not really looking forward to that, I am mildly relieved that they are sure they can recover the data. I'll be greatly relieved when I actually see that data on our system and live. For someone who can be wildly optimistic, I'm reserving that judgement until I see proof with my own two eyes.

If the disk had not been recoverable, I would've only had to reenter everything we've done for the last two months!!!! So, I'm saying prayers that everything will indeed be fine.

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