Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Update

I have made quite a bit of progress on my Christmas shopping. In fact, I'm pretty much done (with maybe a few little things if I happen upon them). Now the fun part! Shipping it all out!!

One stumbling block I was having was what I should get 23. We haven't been dating very long, but I like him and I want(ed) to get him something. Specifically, I wanted to buy him clothes, but when I mentioned that to a friend last night, she didn't think we'd been dating long enough for me to buy him clothing. I didn't really agree, but then after thinking about it, I figured she's probably right and I decided to go with something else I *know* he wants vs. the clothes.

I placed an order for a couple things I know he wants (he had a wishlist online) and then I get an email from him later that day that says he's put in an order for one of the things I had just ordered him.

People everywhere! Listen to me!! Don't buy anything for yourself during the month of December. Maybe even the last half of November if you have friends or family members who are on the ball. But especially don't buy yourself stuff that you have listed on a wishlist online two weeks before Christmas!! It's not cool. And just not good form.

In this case, it's not really that big of a deal because I can either keep it or make use of it somehow.


Aaron said...

My mom trained me well enough to not buy stuff during December. Or at least, to keep the public wishlist public and the private "maybe I can buy this Damien Rice CD for myself secretly and not ruin Christmas" list well hidden.

Second, I don't think there's any kind of "too soon" time limit for clothes. If a girl bought me clothes at any point it would be awesome.

Stephanie said...

Your mom did a fine job raising you then! And, not ruining Christmas, in general, is a good idea. It makes it more fun for everyone!

Hmmm... maybe the clothes "taboo" changes for everyone. I thought it'd be a fine gift, but there have been some varying opinions (one friend said that he might think I'm trying to "dress" him). So, I compromised. I bought him a couple things I know he wants and clothes! Hopefully, he likes all of them. I'm guessing he will.