Monday, December 18, 2006

My boss rocks!

My boss is can be cranky and mean sometimes, but I just ignore that. I know that underneath all that, he's got a mushy, gushy interior and just doesn't show that at work.

He just stopped by and dropped off my Christmas gift! No big surprise since he gets me the same thing every year, but I still can't stop smiling! One 1998 bottle of Dom Perignon champagne. Dom is my favorite champagne. I love it that I have simple things that make me happy. Champagne is definitely on that list!! And I love it that my boss knows that!

As a total side note, my favorite "cheap" champagne is Roederer Estate Brut. It's delicious and best of all, reasonably priced! Louis Roederer makes Cristal and I received that one year from my boss as a gift and frankly, I like this "cheap" champagne better than the Cristal. Whenever it goes on sale, I'll buy a case of it and stock up for the year.

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