Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! To all my friends out there, I hope you're having a wonderful holiday! The dinner last night was fabulous. I ended up having the standing rib roast, Yukon Gold mashed potatos, parmesan crusted asparagus, creamed corn, and salad for dinner with a chocolate mousse and a raspberry & blueberry trifle for dessert. Here'a picture of the roast and asparagus:

Standing Rib Roast with Asparagus
Standing Rib Roast with Asparagus

One of my favorite aspects of giving and receiving gifts is the element of surprise. I love surprising someone with something that either they totally aren't expecting or with something they didn't even know they wanted.

A couple days ago, I went to see Jason to exchange Christmas gifts and he gave me a 6 GB external hard drive with all of our digital photos from the computer he kept in the split. I was very happy to get those! Now we just have to rummage through and divide up all the actual photographs we own. He also gave me the most adorable chopsticks set I've ever seen. I kind of have a thing for cute, cool bunnies or bunny graphics and it's a set of five pairs of Japanese chopsticks and they all have different bunnies illustrated on them. Here's a so-so picture of them:

Bunny Chopsticks
Bunny Chopsticks

I got lots of great Christmas presents from my friends and family!! Thank you!! I'll be cooking quite a bit this year! I can't wait! :-) For being my first Christmas (in a long time) without a husband or family around, it was really nice. I heard from several friends and had two here. We watched Elf and A Christmas Story and cooked gourmet burgers that were delicious. I had every topping imaginable on my burger. It was quite tasty.

Random Background Info: More here about the whole bunny thing: In the Chinese zodiac, I am a rabbit. I feel I'm a lucky person and rabbits (or at least their feet!) are lucky, so I feel that tie too. Both Jason and my college boyfriend independently had a nickname for me that included the word "bunny." The funny thing is that the nicknames kind of meant the same thing, but they used slightly different words. And I have a Swatch Bunny Sutra watch! :-)


Erin said...

bunnies have always been my thing, too! when I was little I collected everything bunny I could find, my parents still get my bunny stuff, and the only thing I still have of my great-grandmother's is a little bunny planter. I even just bought three bunny art prints. I love me some bunnies! Can't wait to have a yummy meal using those special chopsticks.

Anonymous said...

Erin sounds like she wants to actually EAT bunnies with the chopsticks...