Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Trips Galore

I just spent my lunch hour buying two more plane tickets. So now I am OFFICIALLY ticketed for the following trips:
  • Trip to Colorado for Labor Day weekend to visit my sister and her family
  • Trip to Hawaii/Maui right after my trip to Colorado for fun and a wedding
  • Trip to the BoardGameGeek convention in November
The only tickets that I need to buy now are tickets to Phoenix for a bridal shower and wedding and possibly a ticket out to the DC area to visit Cindy! Oh, and possibly a Christmastime trip to Mississippi too.

My feet have been itchy this year...


David said...

Hey, don't forget to visit me as well while your in DC, we've got a spare beadroom and walking distance to the metro if you need it! And now I'm in Virginia around Cindy.

Stephanie said...

Oh yeah! I forgot you guys moved to VA. I keep thinking you're still in MD. Duh. Of course! I mapped it and you guys only live about 20 minutes away! That would be really cool. I really need to get down to Jacksonville and out to Chicago! Too many places to go! :-)