Friday, August 18, 2006

Games Update

The last couple weeks have been pretty heavy on the games. For people who read this and don't play (or only play from time-to-time), the fact that I have a weekly group probably seems like a lot. However, due to stars aligning, a certain wife out of town and SCGD, there has been (and will be) lots of gaming happening lately!

In the last two weeks, I've been to 6 game nights and I have an ALL day one tomorrow, plus one on Monday night. I just had an "all party games" night which was a ton of fun. I think I will have to make that a semi-regular thing. It's fun to play party games with people who know and love to play them and it's even better when everyone's pretty good at them to boot!

My new game count so far for the year is 81! I will have no problem getting to 100. I'm well ahead of "schedule". I'm sure I can up that by one or two tomorrow. Anyway, that's the latest on my game universe...

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