Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cable is expensive!

I finally did it. I called Time Warner and set-up an appointment to have cable installed at my apartment. As of Saturday, September 16th, I will officially be with cable.

It was a struggle to decide when I moved in and at the time I opted for the antenna but since I found out about Monday Night Football being on ESPN only, I have decided to get cable for at least the football season. The almost good news is that Time Warner is running a special so it's "only" $35 plus tax a month for the first six months. I guess the actual good news is that I'll be able to watch all the new fall shows without snowy lines everywhere. After the special, the regular price is about $60 per month! That is ridiculous!!! I'll definitely be cancelling before my six months is up.

The cool thing is that since I've been keeping so busy, I haven't even missed not having cable. I think that will change a bit once football and TV are back. With nothing much but reruns on, I haven't really been missing much TV-wise. Plus, it's gonna start getting dark before I know it and that will probably keep me home a bit more.

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