Thursday, August 24, 2006

Catching up

Things have been really hectic with me lately, so I haven't been posting anything! Besides playing lots of games, I've been doing lots of socializing.

This weekend I'm coming face to face with a very rare specimen indeed - a free Saturday! I'm saying it's free, but really, I do have something I could and probably should be doing. My fantasy football league is doing the draft in Culver City, but I can be available online vs. being there which sounds like that's the right way to go because apparently, the organizer's place is pretty cramped.

On Sunday, I'm planning a trek down to Disneyland with friends to make use of my annual pass! I haven't been since June and so I'm looking forward to taking a look at the new Pirates ride and riding the Matterhorn before they shut it down for a bit of maintenance.

Next week, I'll be super busy just getting ready to be out of town for 10 days. Maybe Saturday can be a laundry & Netflix catch-up day. I only have 75+ Jeopardy!s on my TiVo to watch, so I'm sure I could stand to watch a few of those too!

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