Saturday, October 15, 2005

Pepperoni and Jalopeno Pizza

Ok, my sister made a deep dish pizza the other day and since then I've been obsessed with making a pizza too. I didn't have the time to make the dough she did, so I cheated and bought pizza dough from my favorite Italian sandwich shop in Burbank for $1.29. It was tasty! Jason said that it tasted better than most of the frozen pizzas we eat.

It was nothing fancy! I rolled out the dough, put a little tomato sauce on the dough, added shredded mozzarella, dried oregano, pepperoni, red onion slivers and jalopenos on half. I decided to try some variations on the crust. Here's a picture first:


On the left half of the crust, I sprinkled a California blend of garlic powder. On the upper right quadrant, I brushed it with olive oil, then put some pre-minced garlic on the oil and then sprinkled it with romano cheese. Then for experimental validity, I left the lower right quadrant untouched. The best crust was the one with the real garlic and romano cheese. I think I'll do that to the whole pizza next time.

I have all the ingredients, so next time I think I'll try making the dough from scratch, but overall this was pretty easy and good. I also made myself a salad and it looked so yummy, I had to take a picture!

My Salad

Nothing that exciting, but it was fun to make! I love making salads. The variations are endless!! Lately, I've been in love with gorgonzola cheese in my salad. As for dressing, our current favorite is the Girard's Light Champagne vinaigrette. It is good. I think it tastes very similar to the dressing at the Olive Garden, except that it's about 60 calories per serving vs. 200 calories!!

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