Monday, October 24, 2005

Halloween Get Together

I'm having a small Halloween get together and want to have a relatively low stress menu. I know I'm going to make soup because it's been getting chilly here and I think it will be cool that night...

I will make Potato Leek Soup for sure (with my homemade stock!!) and if I get lots of people to RSVP, I will make a pot of Split Pea Soup. I'll pick up some yummy bread too...

Other potential munchies:
  • Deviled eggs - could boil the eggs Thurs or Fri
  • Veggies w/ranch dip - easy to make
  • Cheeseball - make on Fri
  • Peppered salami - slice on Sat morning
  • Cheese & crackers - a variety of both
  • Cookies - could make Thurs or Fri
  • Meatballs (in a crock pot) - throw in the pot Sat

Just thinking out loud so I can figure out what works the best.

EDIT: OK, now I've received a lot of RSVPs, so it's definitely Potato Leek and Split Pea. I also am picking up croissant sandwiches from Costco. Other munchies: Munchies (Doritos, Cheetos, sunchips, pretzels), Kettle potato chips, cheeseball, salami with cheese and crackers, candy bars and caramel & candied apples that I bought at the store. I am trying to make this as low stress for myself as possible.

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