Sunday, October 16, 2005

Games, games and more games!

My husband calls me a maniac. I mean, he literally called me a maniac yesterday. I spent almost 12 hours playing games! Board games! Yes, board games! German board games to be more specific...

Of all the games listed below, the only one I'd played before was Power Grid. That being said, yesterday I played:

Cheops with John, Dave, and Lincoln. It has cute little scarabs that Lincoln kept insisting looked like mini-Sugar Babies. I think he was hungry. I won this one :-) It's easy to learn how to play and fun.

The Usual Suspects - John, Dave, Lincoln (I'm behind the camera)

Atlantic Star with the same group. This one was fairly easy to learn too. With a little different strategy, I could have done better. I finished last in this one.

Power Grid with John, Anna, Nicole and Danny. This is the second time I've played this and I really like it! Lots of strategy without the headache! I'm debating buying this one.

Power Grid

Princes of Florence with Anna, Erin, John and Chris. I made some classic beginner mistakes and therefore finished 2nd or 3rd. Overall, pretty fun, I'd play it again. My friend Lana had recommended I try this, so I was glad to finally get a chance.

Ingenious with Erin and Anna. This game was super easy to learn and play. I'd play it again, a great quick game.

Samurai with Dave, Danny and Anna. I didn't quite understand the winning parameters, but I ended up winning anyway.

Attika with Devon and Dave. I won this one. This one is fun. It's strategy with a little luck in tile flipping. According to Dave, this game is best with 2 people, 3 is OK, 4 sucks. (Just a mental note for myself - and anyone reading this apparently!)

Overall, I had a lot of fun and the day flew by!! It's amazing how 12 hours can fly by playing games while a day at work can just drag on and on! Super fun and I can't wait til the next one! I think it's scheduled for Feb. 8th.

Oh, and I bought Puerto Rico so I can't wait to invite some gamers over so I can play it again. I've only played it a couple times, but I enjoyed it.


Cindy said...

Is this why where you've gone!!!

Stephanie said...

Not really! This games day only occurs every 2-3 months. So the last time I went was July. This summer has just been really busy with lots of stuff.

Dawn said...

Sounds fun...btw, I've tagged you to do a kitchen meme...