Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bathroom News

I haven't posted much lately because Jason & I have been busy sprucing up the bathroom. It started in April when we had to take down a hideous drop ceiling that was in our bathroom. You might be saying to yourself... a drop ceiling? in the bathroom?? Yes, you read correctly. Why anyone would put a drop ceiling in a bathroom we would discover at a later date.

Turns out that the electrical was running on the bathroom side of the ceiling, instead of in the attic and no one had ever fixed it. Luckily, it only cost $175 to get it all fixed by an electrician. We had to scrape an wallpaper border off the walls. Then sand, spackle and sand some more. And we've spent the last week painting.

I am going to search my home computer for a "before" picture. Unfortunately, we didn't specifically take one before we started. But maybe we have one stashed away somewhere.

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Cindy said...

Pictures! I want pictures!!!!