Monday, November 07, 2005

My next vacation!

I love the idea of changing jobs. In fact, I know I've told people that my ideal job would be one where I often change it up. The idea of doing something forever is kind of scary. Maybe because I haven't found my passion in life. Either way, I was browsing around and found an article about
Vocation Vacations!

You can take a vacation and shadow someone who has a job you're interested in and see what it's like. It's like a preview of a new potential occupation! They have all kinds of things like innkeeper, chocolatier, caterer, cheesemaker, winery owner, etc. They are not all food related either. I haven't looked through all the possibilities, but I think that would be awesome!!

Which occupation would you shadow?


Carolyn said...

I would shadow a personal chef. I think the flexibility would be nice, the cooking terrific - but I'd be concerned about the pay.

Dawn said...

I think that it's a good idea. I browsed thru their listings a while ago. There are two things I noticed. First, they don't have a ton of people signed up yet. You'd have to travel (at your own expense) to get there. The other thing is that it IS pretty expensive. The idea definitely is good, tho. I would say that you could probably find a company or person in any field you were interested in and they could teach you for a similar/lesser amount. I've known folks who've trained at coffeeshops I've gone to, stuff like that.

Stephanie said...

Yeah, there is a small sandwich shop that we eat at (for work) pretty regularly. I thought about volunteering to work there for a couple days during my Christmas break to see what it's like to be there all day. The owner is the son of the original owner and he said it's pretty tough. But that would be free and it's nearby! I would love to try it out since I've only ever worked in a family restaurant-type environment rather than a little tiny place.

Cindy said...

That's pretty cool! Too bad its soo expensive.