Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Thanksgiving approaches...

Thanksgiving is right around the corner!! We usually spend Thanksgiving with my husband's family, but this year, we decided to do our own thing with some of both our families and some friends. It should be fun...

The Menu
  • Turkey (of course!) from Shelton Farms so it's a fresh, all natural, free range turkey
  • Stuffing - bread type with no fruity stuff
  • Mashed potatos
  • Yams/Sweet Potatos - to be made by my SIL Jodi
  • Broccoli-Mushroom Casserole
  • Yellow Squash Casserole
  • Fried Cauliflower
  • Corn Souffle - to be made by my SIL Jodi
  • Cranberry-Orange Sauce
  • Cranberry Relish - my favorite, it contains oranges, celery, red onion and jalopenos
  • Pumpkin Cheesecake - to be made by my sister Dawn, she already has some practice!
  • Sweet Potato Pie - to be made by my SIL Jodi

Whew! I think that's it! I have to go through my fridge and get rid of all the extra stuff to make room for leftovers!! It will be an adventure! This is only my second Thanksgiving dinner ever. The first one ran WAY behind schedule because the turkey label lied so my turkey took WAY longer to cook than indicated.

In anticipation of T-day, I purchased a brand new saucier pot/pan/whatever you call it. It's beautiful and I love it!

All Clad Stainless 2 Qt. Saucier with bonus whisk

I also purchased a new roasting pan because mine was the $8 version from the outlet mall and will NOT fit an 18-20 lb. turkey in it. It barely fits three Cornish game hens in it!

Kitchenaid Five-Ply Stainless Steel 15 by 11 1/2 -Inch Rectagular Roaster with Rack

I did buy this stuff to use for Thanksgiving, but I can use this stuff year round. We already tried out the saucier pan and it's fabulous!! I love it!! The roasting pan should be here by Tuesday, so it will be here just in time!!!


Dawn said...

Very cool. I know you have been wanting that saucier for a while. You must have seen Alton Brown talk about them!

Check my blog. I am going to host a Holiday Cookie Exchange next month. I need your support! This is my first event!

Stephanie said...

Yes, I just watched an episode about making peanut brittle and he was using his saucier pan. He also used it in a different episode, but I can't remember which one at the moment.

I saw your blog. So all we have to do is post a recipe online? Do we actually bake them too?

Carolyn said...

Very yummy! This year we're going to see family, and I will be bringing Butternut Squash soup. Last year we had Thanksgiving at our house, but no one came. Somehow it is fair to ask us to travel... but no one can drive the same distance to see us. Still, it was the best food ever!

Dawn said...

Yes, you bake the cookies, post the recipe and photos. Then you come and comment under the posting that I will put up for the event, including your permalink.

I had this nightmare last night that I forgot to bring a bottle of wine and the cheesecake to Thanksgiving. In my dream, I'd completely forgotten even to MAKE the cheesecake! I was so relieved when I woke up and found that it was not Thanksgiving!