Monday, August 24, 2009

Another Break-Up

I've been really behind on blogging, but finally getting caught up on all the blogs. Mainly because I was dating someone that I wasn't blogging about and that was taking up a lot of my time. But, unfortunately, that is now over and it's freed up a lot of time that I need to fill somehow. I've been doing my best to keep busy because of all the break-ups over the last few years, so far, this one's been the most difficult to deal with. Part of the difficulty with it is that I really like him and I know he really likes me, compounded by the fact that we're broken up, but it's ambiguous. Add to that, we didn't break up because we didn't like each other or got into a big fight of some sort. He has a previous relationship that he needs to figure out first and that will take some time. I have no idea how much time it will take for him to figure it out. Or if he's even working on it (I hope he is). Or if he will ever figure it out. Or, or, or... There are many questions left unanswered at this point. I'm a planner type, so this uncertainty thing is not my favorite, nor is patience my strong suit. So there are lots of things rooting against my brain at this point.

I've been trying to convince myself that I need to just think: "It's completely over..." so then if anything changes in the future, it will be a surprise rather than trying to keep the hope alive that somehow we will work out. Plus, if I keep repeating that to myself, I can hopefully start moving on and be open to meeting someone else eventually.

That said, I think my big lesson from this one is: Don't get involved with someone if they are newly broken-up from someone because it might not be over. Especially if it was a long-term relationship. No matter how unhappy they were with the other person. No matter what the person says about the relationship or the other person. Because I think what I've learned more than anything is that old familiar phrase, "Actions speak louder than words..." He was a lot of words and a bit lackluster in the action department. Unfortunately for me, I am a "words of affirmation" person, so that kept me around long enough to fall for him. I won't make that mistake again. When I see lack of action, I will pay attention to that, more than the sweet, but empty words.

Additional lesson: I need to remember that people don't like to change and will often want to go back to what they're comfortable with, even if what they're going back to isn't good or fun or enjoyable. Even if it's not going to make them happy in the long run, people love to look back. To keep moving forward, you need to keep your eyes pointed forward. It's really difficult to do, especially in love relationships. Everyone wants to look back. I know, I've done it. I spent a long time deciding whether I should divorce Jason a few years ago. More recently, I've spent the last few weeks, looking back at him (and my phone, willing it to ring) and hoping everything will be different, but now I know... I have to keep my eyes forward so that I will move forward. I can't keep looking back. He knows how to reach me once he's done with looking over his shoulder. If he is ever done with it. I know how difficult it can be. I've been there. So while I get irrationally upset sometimes about it, I completely understand. And I do want what's best for him.

Because I think that more than anything, the goals for my life are: to grow, to be happy, to have meaning and share life with an equally suitable partner. I can't have that with him at this point so it's just as well that we're broken up. He has some work he needs to do and I'm not sure he wants to do it. Thankfully, I can stop thinking about that now.

And the last thing:
No more long distance relationships. None. Either someone moves, or it's just not happening.


Tonya said...

::hugs:: Relationships are so tough. Although you didn't ask for it, my advice is just stick with the new lessons you've learned.

Relationships take a while to get over, regardless of how long (or sometimes how short) they are, so trying to start a new relationship just after coming out of an old one already starts you off at a disadvantage. Remember hon, that goes BOTH ways. Don't push yourself into finding someone else when you're not fully over this one.

And proximity is very important, especially in the beginning. Distance just puts obstacles in the way that can be difficult to overcome. Yes, it's the age of technology and it's possible to have digital contact, but it leaves a lot to be desired when getting to know someone. There really is no substitute for face time when you're trying to make a connection and decide if you like someone enough for them to be a (hopefully) major part of your life.

I'm so sorry you're having a tough time. I love you, and I'm here for you whenever you need to talk. ::hugs::

Stephanie said...

Thanks Tonya! I'm going to stick with it.

One of my friends here joked that the I could always try the age-old method of getting over him: Finding someone else! ;-) But I agree with you. I am not ready at all to go out with anyone else. They wouldn't have a chance at this point. I'm going to just give it some time and see how I feel.

As far as the LDRs, I had already said, no more! But this time, I'm sticking with it. :-)

I'm so glad you're my friend!