Thursday, August 27, 2009


The ex-bf talked me into joining him in playing Travian, an online war game. You start with a dinky little village and build up your resources, then with those resources, you build troops and then there's all out warfare. I'm on S8 and I started late. So far, I have one village that's medium sized and I just started a new village. I'm naming all of my villages after Race for the Galaxy worlds. I've befriended another East Coaster who's helping me with my account and vice versa, so it's something to do in the evenings. Unfortunately for him, he's getting picked on by a rival alliance and he's not sure he'll last another week or two. It's quite volatile.

People keep talking about the mid-game. I think this is when a lot of casual players get picked off and destroyed to get ready for the "end-game". Each server runs for a year. This one started in March, but I didn't start until June. I'm doing okay though considering I started so late.

The good thing is that it's something to keep me busy. To be successful, I probably should read up on strategy, but so far, I've just been winging it. I'll just be happy if I don't get wiped out. So far, no one's been really picking on me, but I'm sure I'll become a target once I grow my population some more. Until then, I'm just enjoying managing everything! It scratches that itch for me... I am enjoying it!


Pappy said...

Oh man. Lost a bunch of time to that a couple of years ago. Eventually gave it up when (as you mentioned), I got pummeled into oblivion by some group.

If you're a football fan (I seem to remember you are), check out It's a web-based multiplayer football sim I was playing a *ton* up until a few weeks ago.

Stephanie said...

Yeah, I'm always like 2-3 years behind everyone when it comes to this type of stuff! :-)

I am a football fan. Why did you give it up? I'll have to check it out, but it might have to wait until I get dead in Travian!

Pappy said...

I gave up GLB because it started eating up too much time (and money... yes, I actually bought in to it). Not to mention, by the time my first players (you can play as an 'agent' and have players as well as a team owner/coach) reached mid-career, I started to realize that they will never really be able to compete at the higher levels. There were just way too many folks out there willing to put in a ton more time than me.

But that said, building my players and watching as they dominated in the simmed games was quite thrilling (god, such a nerd).

Chris said...

Do yourself a favor and quit now. While you still can. And go cold turkey, you can't just stay in it a little bit.

Cuz once you start getting two or three or 9 villages, you have to log on constantly to keep everything in place.

And you have to be that big in order to compete. The first time you set your alarm at 4:30 am so you can send your troops to a distant village so they will arrive at the perfect time for an attack, you'll realize you might be taking it a bit to far.

Travian Guide said...

Travian is a great game just very time consuming !!

Anonymous said...

Lol. My wife started getting pretty irritated when I'd set an alarm to get up in the middle of the night to send troops.