Friday, March 14, 2008

TiVo Rewards

TiVo used to have a program that gave your "points" for referring new customers to TiVo. I think you'd get 5,000 points per referral. They had a variety of products you could turn them in for, but nothing ever really caught my eye, so I've been letting them sit.

I got a notice a few weeks ago that they were discontinuing the program and you have until sometime before the end of May to redeem them. So, I cashed in my 15,000 points for some TiVo ornaments, coasters and most importantly, an XM Radio MyFi portable receiver with three months of free service! This will be perfect for the Vegas trip I'm taking next weekend. I doubt we'll be getting regular radio reception in the middle of the desert!

The only time I've ever used XM is when rental cars have them (most recently on my trip to Gulf Games last month!). I love the 80s station (of course) and a bunch of others. This might be perfect for me if I start having to drive to the other locations more than I have. I'll see how much I use it during the first 3 months to see if it's worth continuing the subscription. If not, I can always sell the MyFi on eBay!

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