Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Off to Hawaii

Ron should be here any minute and then we'll be off to the airport (with maybe a stop for a snack) to catch our flight leaving LAX at 6 AM. Who's bright idea was that? I haven't slept at all and it's 2:36 AM. I hope Ron's slept so he can drive us to the airport. The good news is that I'm all packed except for games. :-)


Dave said...

I want to be in Hawaii eating kalua pork. Well, the *real* kalua pork, burried and cooked in the ground all day.

Aw, who am I kidding. I'll take fake kalua pork if it goes with being in Hawaii :)

Stephanie said...

Last night, I had lau lau and kalua pork for dinner. It was VERY smoky tasting. I don't think it was the buried kind though. It was better with ketchup (your favorite!) on the rice and mixed with the pork. I was following the lead of Ron's bro-in-law who is a native Hawaiian and he was right on about that!

Dave said...

Ew... gross.

And also, er, I seemed to have posted this comment with the wrong entry :) Obviously, I meant this to be for the entry above this one.

Stephanie said...

Yeah, I figured as much! The food here is perfect for me. Lots of meat with rice! I love the rice! Plus flip flops everywhere!!