Saturday, September 02, 2006

Here in Colorado

Well, I'm here in Colorado, writing to you from a mile high! I wonder if it really is a mile high? Ah, who cares? It sounds cool to say that.

So far, I'm having a really nice time visiting with my sister and her family. I was really glad to see Evan, my nephew! I haven't seen him since the end of June and I don't think I quite realized how much I've missed him. He's been giving me all the kisses I've missed over the last couple months, so it's been nice!

Life in Colorado is so different! We went to a Labor Day celebration at the park today. First off, it was SO uncrowded because they live in a small town. The park itself was so clean and well kept. They have recycling stations all over for everything so that nothing is wasted. We watched a bocce ball tournament too which was kind of fun. I've never played or seen it played, and now I want to try it! Everyone we met was really nice and friendly. It's just such a different experience from anything in L.A. It's bizarre in a good way. Oh, and the traffic! We had to pick up Neal from work at 6 PM on the Friday night of a holiday weekend 30 miles away from their apartment and it took about 45 minutes. We hit some "traffic," but it was NOTHING compared to traffic in L.A.! It was like traffic you'd hit at 2 AM in L.A. It was shockingly minimal.

We are probably going to hit up the Taste of Colorado tomorrow and some glow-in-the-dark indoor miniature golfing too. I have some pictures, but they may have to wait to get posted when I get home. Oh, and I got some sleep last night. It was awesome. I am tired, but I think it just might be all the fresh air I've been breathing since being here!

I've also been reading some too. That's been nice. I think when I get back home, I need to start slowing down a bit. I just realized that I have all my weekends booked between now and the weekend before Thanksgiving. I think that's too busy. On one hand, it's good because four of the weekends are busy because I'll be out of town on trips, but still! I need to free some time up to read and catch up on TiVo and Netflix stuff. So, I may need to make a fall resolution to stay less busy during the week or something.

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