Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Upcoming Interview

I am very excited about my upcoming interview on Friday in Dallas. I fly out Thursday night, right after work. The schedule after that is complete and utter madness!

Friday: Interviewing with the three partners of the firm & probably meeting many other employees as they'll all be in the office for a training day. They have a PS3 and xBox 360 in the office, so I'm hoping to squeeze in some Rock Band and/or Guitar Hero too, although I'm SO out of practice that putting "Guitar Hero shredder, proficient at Rock Band" on my resume under "Special Talents" may be an overstatement at the moment!

We'll hopefully wrap up training early that day and go bowling for a couple hours. Then we'll be going to the Mavericks playoff game that night. We turned down invitations to two home poker games and being able to watch the baseball game from the office.

Saturday: We had several options, but decided on going to Oklahoma to play some poker! Yay! I'm happy with that. I believe I'm also getting a personalized driving tour of Dallas to check out all the areas with the really cool, older homes. I love those! Oh, and I think a chicken biscuit for Chick-Fil-A will be in order Saturday morning.

Sunday: I think we have a PGA 18th hole tent party to go to, but I'll have to check. I come home Sunday night and it sounds like I will be downright tired after running around all weekend.

But, hopefully - keep your fingers crossed for me! - I'll have a new job by the end of it!


Aaron said...

Wow, what a great interview weekend plan! Is this the corporate office in Dallas or do you have to move there if you get the job? Best of luck, I know you'll impress them.

And putting "Guitar Hero shredder, proficient at Rock Band" on your resume under "Special Talents", is so awesome.

Stephanie said...

Their office is in Dallas, but if I got the job, I'd be working from home. I'd probably have to go to Dallas occasionally for work.

Thanks for the vote of confidence! :-)

As far as my "Special Talents," who knew all those hours of practice would actually help me get a job? I had to put that on the resume when I found out that the company policy is: every day at 5 PM, if you are in the office, you have to drop what you're doing and go play video games on the 360 or PS3! How awesome is that! I think I'll be networking in for the 5'o'clock meetings... Lucky for me, they really need a lead guitarist... which, happens to be my specialty!

Cynthia said...

Good luck! I hope you are having a great weekend and I hope you get the job!