Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm resigning

I've been at my job for what would've been 13 years next month. Unfortunately, the job functions and stress levels have changed dramatically during the last four months. I feel like I've turned into a report generating cog in a big, boring machine. Ick. Also, they frown on me taking time off. Double ick.

S0... today, I resigned. I gave them my notice that in two weeks, I will be moving on. I don't have a job offer yet, but I have a promising interview next week and I'm hoping that works out. That job sounds perfect for me. However, if it doesn't, I will find something else.

They're asking me to give them a month and I think that will be too long for me. However, I might compromise and do three weeks, to get them through an upcoming audit and closing of April for my company. I would basically be doing this for one of the guys on the East Coast that I do like. And I would feel bad for making his life a living hell if I really do leave in two weeks.

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