Sunday, February 03, 2008

Our First Fight

This past Tuesday, 42 and I had our first official fight! Via instant messenger, no less! That's a first for me. I know I said a couple things I shouldn't have and now they're recorded in our chat history. Forever.

The good news? I was really pissed off and I: (a) didn't break up with him, or even feel like breaking up with him during the fight (actually quite the opposite!), and (b) talked to him that night and we agreed to do certain things for each other and we were fine. More than fine.

For me, I think that was the weirdest part. It seems like when I was with Jason, we'd have fights that lingered for days. Looking back, I think the reason for that was because those fights were about fundamental life issues/goals that were not easily resolved. Well, considering we're divorced, I guess those things never got resolved!

It's really interesting (and so much less stressful) to be with someone who I don't have to worry about fighting about unresolvable life issues. We talked about all the major life issues (that we could think of) at the very beginning and seem to be remarkably compatible. Now we just need to see if our styles are compatible enough. Only time will tell!

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