Friday, February 22, 2008

I let him talk me into rutabagas!

On my way in to Huntsville for Gulf Games, I stopped at Niki West's Steak and Seafood in Birmingham. It's a big cafeteria and I found it by calling Dave and having him check his "Roadfood" book for any points of interest in Birmingham. He gave me directions over the phone and it was so easy to find, only about a mile off of the freeway.

The food was pretty tasty. I had a fried pork chop and a few side dishes, my favorite being a broccoli, rice & cheese mixture. I let the guy talk me into rutabagas! I'd never had them before, but they were sweet, surprisingly.

It was definitely worth the stop and I'd go there again!

Here was my dinner:


Dave said...

Ew. That broccoli, rice, and cheese thing you loved so much looks kinda gross :)

The other stuff looks pretty tasty, though, especially the chop and the mac & cheese.

And hey, how come I don't get a Label for this?

Stephanie said...

Oh Dave! Didn't mean to neglect you! It's fixed!

It looks gross, but it was good! I love broccoli though. The mac & cheese was disappointing! What's the best is that since it's a cafeteria, you really can just pick it up and eat it!

The guy that helped me was great. The first guy who saw me walk in just looked me up and down and could tell I'd ask a bunch of questions, so he said, "hey Will, you take this one!"


Dave said...

LOL. I guess you just attract the Will's. Too bad about the mac, and you know I like broccoli, too... but that stuff just looks... eesh.

And three cheers for more new content!

Stephanie said...

Yeah, this Will was super-nice! We chatted about possible Huntsville eats and he knew Aunt Eunice's Country Kitchen. Too bad it was closed! :-(