Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Visit to Tucson

I had a great time last weekend in Tucson visiting Seth and company. I met a bunch of his friends and his parents. Everyone was great! He had a friend visiting from Dallas so we had dinner with a bunch of people on Friday night and then we went back to his friend's parents' house for more socializing. Their house was incredible! I am NOT a decorator, so I feel like I could never have a house look so good. It looked like a home you'd see in a magazine (and I said as much to the owners).

The kitchen (my favorite room of course) was gorgeous and it had a HUGE wine refrigerator. I had to take a picture of it. I'd never seen one so big in home before! I'll post the picture eventually... Trust me, it's big!

On Saturday, Seth had a BBQ so we did some shopping in the morning and I found baking raisins! They used to carry them at my grocery store, but for the last couple years I've had trouble finding them. When I did buy them before, I think they were almost $2.00 a bag. Well, they had them at the Safeway in Tucson on sale for $0.75. So I bought two bags to bring home for future baking! The Betty Crocker cake mixes were on sale for $0.78 too. When they go on sale here, they're usually $1 a box. My conclusion: Some groceries are cheaper outside of California!

People started showing up around noon and streamed in and out until about midnight. I had brought Space Dealer to play and Seth's mom wanted to try it. It wasn't really her cup of tea, but I give her BIG points for trying it. It was chaos, but fun. The most fun though was later in the evening when we played three games of Time's Up!, my FAVORITE party game! I won't go into great detail, but there were lots of clues given using a certain body part.

On Sunday, we went to Bookman's (a used book/video/game store) and Barnes & Noble to check on the game stock. I bought several games to bring home. Then we headed up to Phoenix to eat dinner with Shane's parents and sister at Lo Lo's Chicken and Waffles (full review to follow). Then we went back to Shane's parents' house and hung out for a while. We learned about spinning yarn with dog hair! You'd never know it was dog hair!

Overall, a pretty fun trip. It wasn't too warm (it's only February after all), but man! I can't imagine going there in the middle of summer. It's gotta be scorchingly hot!!!

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sedjtroll said...

Scorchingly hot? P-shaw! It's not so bad. I don't know how anyone who can deal with the traffic and attitude of a big city like L.A. can possibly complain about a little dry heat!