Thursday, February 08, 2007

Korean Fried Chicken

No wonder fried chicken is one of my favorite foods! Not only did I grow up in the South on delicious fried chicken, it's genetic! Apparently, Korean fried chicken has been under the radar for 20+ years and is on its way to becoming more and more popular with the white people!

Check out this article in the NY Times about it! I wonder if there are any places like this in Los Angeles?

EDIT: Just spotted this thread on Chowhound about places in LA to get chicken like this!

On the fried chicken note, I'm in Arizona this weekend and plan on hitting up Lolo's in Phoenix. He's the grandson of Mrs. White (who makes the BEST fried chicken on this planet!) and has her recipe and has opened up a Roscoe-esque chicken and waffle place in Phoenix. We'll see if it's any good! Full report next week.

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