Thursday, February 08, 2007

Busy February

I have a very busy February coming up! I'm leaving tomorrow to go to Tucson to visit Seth for the weekend for gaming and socializing (and hopefully some fried chicken since I'm flying in and out of Phoenix!). Actually, I am definitely having some chicken. I made a date with Shane's parents to meet them for dinner on Sunday at Lo Lo's Chicken and Waffles. There will definitely be a report on that dining experience.

Next Friday (the 16th), I'm off to Genghis Con in Denver to meet up with Giles (BGG.con Werewolf moderator) and other BGG.con attendees. This con will be different because I'm taking my sister and nephew with me for their first con experience! I hope they like it. I'm hiking and hanging out with Giles and co. for a couple days and then...

On Wednesday (the 21st) morning, I'm off to Gulf Games in beautiful Panama City Beach, FL. The hotel is RIGHT on the ocean! I hope it's warm enough to at least take a quick dip. I'm packing my bikini, just in case. There are so many things I'm looking forward to about this gathering... First of all, it's pirate-themed, so I have a costume ready to go for the welcome party the first night (pictures will be posted when I get back!), plus there's all kinds of trading going on, and a competition for friendliest gamer (which I intend to win!!) and Take it Easy and Liar's Dice tournaments. I can NOT wait. The people I know that will be are awesome and I'm sure everyone else will be too. :-) I don't know what the internet situation will be, but I'll try to report from there.


Pappy said...

You're living the dream, girl. Keep it up!

I didn't realize you were soooo in to games when I met you at Devon's :)

Stephanie said...

I probably *wasn't* at the time I met you because I had not really had to opportunity to play much yet. Getting divorced from someone who somewhat disapproved of the games really freed me to pursue it more.

Both of these cons are spawns of BGG.con from last year. The Denver con has the advantage of allowing me to visit with my sister and her family as well as play games and reconnecting with BGG.con folk.

And I had heard how great Gulf Games is and was lucky enough to procure an invite, so I couldn't say "no"! They both just happen to be two weekends in a row! :-)