Monday, April 24, 2006

Chocolate? Yes, please!

I am not a food snob. There are things I don't like to eat (the #1 icky food is olives), but as far as quality, I don't get weird about eating mainstream stuff.

Why is this coming to mind? As I munch the head off of my Easter bunny from See's Candies, I am reminded of how much I really like See's and how my sister prefers Godiva Chocolates. I think it may be that I love the sweeter chocolates and Godiva is Belgian, so it's not quite as sweet. However, I can also be perfectly happy with a very mainstream Snickers bar or Hershey's. My sister will eat it, but prefers not to stoop to that level when eating chocolate.

She must not be a true chocoholic!! And my favorite See's candy? Dark chocolate chip truffles... Mmmmm.....

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