Monday, February 06, 2006

Lingo !!

Dawn and Stephanie on Lingo (1st appearance)

I love games and I love gambling. Game shows is like a combination that takes the best of both worlds! You get to compete (yea!), play a game (double yea!) and hopefully with some skill and a little luck, you'll win some money!

In fact, that is exactly what my sister and I are trying to do. We were contestants on a game show hosted by Chuck Woolery (world-famous game show host!!) called Lingo on Game Show Network last year. We won the big money and they called us back for another episode. We are filming it tomorrow!! Yippee!!

I will be bound by the contract to not reveal any information about the outcome of the game, but I'm hopeful that we will win again! Keep your fingers crossed for me!!


Anonymous said...

Hey that is so cool. Best of Luck from Jim and Paul in Sacramento

Anonymous said...

Just saw the first one that you sent me.

Hope everything went well. Can't wait to see you again.