Thursday, September 22, 2005

Sacramento, here we come

I'm going to Sacramento this weekend with Jason (my husband) to visit his friend Paul, and Paul's partner, Jim. Jason knew Paul at a previous job probably about 15 years ago. I've met Paul and Jim a couple times early in our marriage, but we haven't seen them in years!

I'm excited about visiting them and I'm looking forward to relaxing. Road trips are fun! I can't wait to eat my first piece of beef jerky. The ultimate road trip food!!

I always try to scope out the restaurant scene before I get to my destination to see if there is anything that I know I have to have. So far, I have a sushi place called Mikuni's on the list. We'll see how it is! I don't know if Paul & Jim are planning on cooking for us all weekend. That would be great too! I love it when people cook for me!

On a crafty note: I finished with the knitting on a scarf for my husband. It was supposed to be his Christmas present last year, but I didn't get it finished in time and then it just lagged in my knitting bag. I just need to weave the ends into the scarf. I will post a picture once I finish it up.

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