Friday, September 23, 2005

Bacon, what else?

We got in late last night. By the time we talked, toured the house and talked some more, we ended up going to bed around 3:45 AM.

This morning, we had rhe old standby "bacon & eggs" for breakfast. I don't think there's any doubt why bacon gets top billing in that marquee. Bacon is so tasty!

I learned that our host Paul loves pork. He eats it almost everyday! I don't eat pork everyday, but I do love meat. The saying in our house is "Everything tastes better with bacon!" The bacon-love is universal with carnivores, I think.

I going to try to post a picture of the newly washed pup here!

Isn't he cute?

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Dawn said...

You should go take a look at her Blue Moon Cafe section. I think that you'll see some earrings you'll like!