Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Not a food nerd... just plain old nerd

Steph and Alton Brown
Originally uploaded by Bunny Steph.
This is a picture of Alton and me at the Orange County Fair. This was shortly after our love affair began. I leaned WAY into the picture and he said, "Make yourself comfortable!" in a somewhat sarcastic tone, but I just leaned further in as if it was an invitation. Man, I should've kissed him! That would have been REALLY fun.

Although I'm no foodie (like my sister), I love cooking and I love food. I don't know all the jargon, but I do know that one of the reasons I love Alton Brown is the total dorkiness he brings to cooking. His skits are funny and his show is immensely entertaining and educational!

In fact, the first chicken I cut up was following his instructions on Fry Harder. I can't wait to try his beef jerky recipe now.

This was going to just be a test post, but now I've made it longer. More on the AB love later.

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