Sunday, September 18, 2005

First post on Blogspot

Well, my sister started a blog on BlogSpot to post her food and crafty trials, so I figured I've give it a try too!

Currently, my life is very busy! I'm happy that fall is arriving because cooking is so much more enjoyable during the cooler weather! I love cooking and baking. I also like football, so the start of the NFL season is the first sign that cooler weather is in our near future. I celebrated the first game of the NFL season by making, what else?... Chicken wings! :-) I made spicy, sweet wings and they were tasty and fun to make. It was the first opportunity I had to use one of my new knives! I bought a Henckel's Pro "S" boning knife. It worked like a charm!

Yes, I finally broke down and purchased an awesome knife set! I bought a 9 piece Henckel's Pro S knife set. The set consisted of the following knives/pieces:
  • 3" paring
  • 5" serrated
  • 6" utility
  • 8" chef
  • 8" bread
  • 7" (?) slicing (not sure of the exact length of that one)
  • kitchen shears
  • sharpening steel
  • knife block

I also purchased the boning knife and a set of 4 steak knives. I watched an episode of Good Eats, during which, Alton Brown uses a boning knife to cut up a whole chicken to later fry it. I had to have one after I saw that episode!

AND, I finally got to use the boning knife to cut up a whole chicken last night. Alton's directions were so easy to follow! It worked like a charm. Alton's the best!!

This is a lot of knife detail, but I've been wanting to buy a set for years and thanks to winning a game show with my sister, I bought them in anticipation of receiving the check. Hopefully, it gets here soon!!! More general info to be posted later.

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