Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Movie List for 2009

In 2007, I used to keep track of all the new movies I watched and I've decided to revive that for 2009! I think I'll count seasons of TV shows too...

  1. It Happened One Night - 1/1/09. Watched this with Travis and for an old, black and white movie, it was pretty good. Clark Gable is young and handsome and I found out later that he started a "no undershirt" trend way back when...
  2. The Office - Seasons 1-3 - January 2009. I am so in love with Jim! He's cute, kinda dorky and funny.
  3. Misery - 1/18/09. Yeah, this is an oldie that I still hadn't watched. Kathy Bates is (a) young, (b) freakin' creepy and (c) pretty damn amazing...
  4. Murder by Death - 1/25/09. This movie completely reminded of Edward and his Top Secret! love. Oh my. It was pretty damn and you really have to pay attention because the jokes fly by...
  5. The Office - Season 4 - Stupid Netflix doesn't have Season 5 available yet!!! Boo. I've decided that Dwight is my favorite character. He consistently makes me laugh.
  6. Weeds: Season 1 - I love this show. The drug suppliers are awesome and just every character is interesting. Shane loves Uncle Andy!
  7. Weeds: Season 2 - Oh, it continues to be awesome!
  8. Dexter: Season 2 - A little slower than Season 2, but still awesome. And that British chick was just insane deliciousness.
  9. Watchmen - 3/16/09. I've never read the graphic novel, saw it in the IMAX theater. It was very visually interesting. I can see why people like it, but I wasn't totally sucked into it like others. Maybe because I didn't already have a deep-seeded love? Not really sure.
  10. The Thing - 2/12/09. An old horror movie that I actually really enjoyed. It was scary too which I kinda wasn't expecting. It just seems like older movies won't be scary, although I don't even know why I would think that considering that some of my favorite scary movies are from the 70s! Kurt Russell is so freakin' young in this too. Man, he was a cutie!
  11. Boyz N The Hood - 2/20/09. Oh, this movie was incredible. How have I never seen it before? These movies just tug at my heart strings. I can't imagine living or growing up in such an unstable environment. I love Lawrence Fishburn's character too.
  12. Ocean's Eleven - 1/30/09. I love the plot in the movie, although I had a little trouble following it. There was a lot of pausing and questioning of certain parts because I was watching it with Chris and he's seen it before.
  13. Star Trek -


Mischa said...

I haven't seen Murder by Death in years and years.

Have you seen Noises Off? You should!

Stephanie said...

I'll add it to my list!

Anonymous said...

A big second for Noises Off! It's just, so, you know, and well, you know. Thank you, Gary.

Guaranteed that you'll find more jokes and puns the 2nd time you watch Murder by Death. Like you probably caught that the dead guy Lionel Twain was a reference to model trains, but maybe didn't notice his address was Two-Two Twain Ave.