Friday, August 15, 2008

Feeling the Urge to Purge

Before I left for Athens, I lent my xBox 360 and and PS2 to some friends and noticed how much nicer my whole living room looked with less stuff. My game closet had room in it without the drum set taking up room... So that got me thinking, I should get rid of stuff when I get home.

Greg has nothing in his house. It's very minimalist and it's good in that it feels really open. It made me think even more that I should get rid of stuff. I think I see some purging in my future. I know I have a couple boxes of books that I've never looked at once in the last two years. And I have a box of my piano books that I'll probably never use again either. With my new job, I certainly don't need all those dressy work clothes anymore either, so I think I will be purging my closet even more.

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Seth Jaffee said...

This sounds so familiar... hmm... maybe because you've been saying it for 2 years - ever since I met you? ;-)

Good luck with your purging operation! It does feel nice when things aren't all cluttered up.