Monday, May 05, 2008

Starting my last week of work

I'm about to start my last week of work. Let's see what do I need to get done this week?

  • Close the month (ended 5/4)
  • Deal with the four auditors who will be here all week to go over our year-end numbers
  • Continue training my replacement
  • Deal with my corporate boss who will be here Wednesday
  • Clean out my office
  • Make sure loose ends/projects are handed over to someone or taken care of
This is going to be the longest week. EVER.


Pappy said...

Hehe. I am also starting my last week of work and I envy your task list :)

Stephanie said...

Really? I had no idea!! I'll have to find out what your next move is!

Envy? Ugh, I hate it. But it's only five days... I can do it!