Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Guitar Hero III Career Update

Travis came over last night and we finally finished up our Co-op Career on Expert! We had some trouble with "One" by Metallica and "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour, but with some practice on those runs and some very strategic use of star power, we managed to pass them!

We unlocked the Pendulaxe! It's mean and tough looking, fitting for an Expert player! Next up, I need to work on my solo career on Expert. I just haven't been devoting much time to it lately. I'm hoping to remedy that with the 11 days I have off starting Saturday!!


Seth Jaffee said...

Where's the pic of the Pendulaxe?

Also, how can you still play GH3 after you've tasted the Rock Band?

Stephanie said...

I'll take one and post it. It was late and I didn't think about it last night.

GH3 is awesome. I like the round notes better for the guitars.... RB is fun, but I think I still like GH better. We'll see. I need to do a solo career on RB before I can say for certain.