Monday, October 01, 2007

Dating update

Well, I saw my mystery man and we had our dates and things went really well, but there was a spark missing... so we're just going to be friends. It totally sucks because I really like him and am attracted to him and was really hoping that there would be something more. I guess things could develop, but that has never happened for me, so I'm not sure if my brain (or heart) works that way. I halfway wonder if the spark was missing because we were both just nervous, but who knows. I'll see him again soon and if we were wrong, I'm sure we'd both be willing to admit that! But for now... just friends.

As for #5, he called on Wednesday to say "hi" and catch up, but no plans to see each other before I leave on Saturday.

I'm still technically on eHarmony, but I had turned my matches off. I think I'll turn them back on and see what happens. Or maybe I should just turn it off until January. I'm paid up til 10/12, so I might as well turn them on for now.

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