Tuesday, October 02, 2007

One Bag to Europe: Can it be done?

Ron recommended when we made our reservations to go to Europe that we follow the advice on OneBag.com and take one carry-on bag for our two week vacation. One. As in single. And not a big bag, but a CARRY-ON bag! I was like, "You're crazy!!" But then I've traveled more than ever this year and have been able to streamline the packing a bit. Every time I take a trip, I take less stuff. In fact, I counted, I've taken eight plane trips this year, with three more planned by the end of the year.

But two weeks? And one bag? Can it be done?

We ordered the bag recommended on the website. It's called a Voyageur and they should be arriving today or tomorrow. Here's a pic of it from the OneBag website.

Doesn't look too big does it? I've started making a list of what I'm taking. And then I'll probably need to cut it. Those Mexican wrestling masks for Reinhold are going to take up a lot of room. I'll probably need to carry them separately.

Speaking of, Reinhold also asked me for oldskool pin-up girl stickers... does anyone know where to find those? I tried Aahs, to no avail. Oh wait, I need to call Hot Topic too. I don't have time to order online unfortunately.

Oh, and for all you gamers out there wondering how I'm going to bring all those games back, I think I'm going one of two different routes... either getting a box or suitcase there and bring it back with me, or shipping it back. Depends on what I pick up while I'm there.

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Anonymous said...

You might check out 8 Ball over on Magnolia for pin-up stickers. Their website shows some Vince Ray stickers that are available. They often have Betty Page items, too. I can't remember if I've seen anything like Vargas, though...