Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pampered Chef Order?

Anyone interested in ordering something from Pampered Chef? My rep is running a 15% discount for this weekend only, so if you want/need anything, let me know ASAP!!

The website is

The products I would highly recommend are the vegetable peeler, kitchen timer, Twixit combo kit, scrapers (there are four sizes), and any of the stoneware.

My boss has insisted I order him a couple more of the vegetable peelers. His wife ordered one a year or so ago and he said that whenever he helps her in the kitchen, she always uses that one and gives him the crappy one. So he wants one for himself and an extra one for back-up! I am doing the same thing. An extra one is always good to have on hand. Especially when you're working on a big meal, like let's say... Thanksgiving?


sedjtroll said...

Yeah, but what are the chances it'll arrive in time for Thanksgiving?

Stephanie said...

Unfortunately, not very likely. That just means that someone will have to peel all the potatos by themselves!

Why are you still here? Are you supposed to be on the other side of the pond?

sedjtroll said...

... I'm working on that, rightnow in fact. I'm at a fancy lounge for classy people. Well, first classy anyway. It's real nice - sofas, big screen TV, bar, restaurant, closets for your stuff, and a couple internet terminals. This is pretty sweet! Much better than normal airplane seats for a layover.