Thursday, March 09, 2006

Volunteering & Peruvian food

On Tuesday night, I took a group from My People Connection over to the AIDS Project L.A. food bank to bag groceries. We had a great time and bagged 250 bags of food and 10 boxes of romaine lettuce in less than 2 hours! I've done this event many times and let me tell you, that is stellar! We had a really great group!

Afterwards, we went out to Las Quenas in North Hollywood and had Peruvian food. I've never eaten Peruvian food, so I was interested in giving it a shot. I have no idea as to the history of Peru, but after looking at their menu, I wonder if they had a lot of Chinese immigrants in their country. There was a section called "Pasta" that the waiter said was like chow mein and saltado which is like a stirfry with the meat of your choice, french fries, onions and tomatos, and served with rice.

That sounded delicious, so I tried the saltado with beef, chicken, and shrimp.
Saltado Cielo Mar y Tierra

Here are some other yummy concoctions:

Fried plantains

Pescado Sudado

Seafood soup

Bisteak encebollado

Locuma ice cream

I'm not sure of the fruit name. It's a Peruvian fruit.

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