Monday, September 24, 2012

Licensed to Wed

Jason and I went down to the LA County Registrar's office to pick-up our wedding license.  It's official, we are licensed to wed!  The wedding is only five days away and I am finally starting to get excited about it.  It all seemed so far away and work has been so all-consuming, it's been tough to muster up energy to focus on just the wedding.

Now, all the big pieces are in place and most of the shopping is done, we're just trying to tie up the details and get the apartment ready to have three guests!  It's gonna get cozy!

My oldest friend in the world arrives tomorrow night.  I'm looking forward to hanging out with her before my sister and nephew arrive on Thursday night.  My mom and her hubby arrive on Friday as does my Main Man of Honor...

And then we get to set-up and prep for the wedding on Saturday!

*However, there will be one detour, which deserves its own post (to be published this week)... Just waiting for a picture to be emailed to me before posting the blog entry...

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