Monday, February 22, 2010

Club Grazie Benefits

I enrolled in the Club Grazie Players Club on New Year's Day (the day I met my new favorite poker player aka: the Venetian). After I enrolled, I was itching to play some black jack, but all the tables had a minimum bet of $25, which was a little too rich for my blood, so I played video black jack. It turns out that this is roughly the equivalent of playing slots! I put in $20 which lasted me quite a while and I kept recycling the money through. Finally, I busted out and proceeded to put another $60 in there, so I ended up losing $80.

Ever since this visit, I've been getting offer after offer from the Venetian/Palazzo for complimentary nights at the casino. The fine print says that I need to maintain my historical level of play. Out of curiosity, I checked to find out how much I had cycled through the machine in the 90 minutes I was playing... turns out it was quite a bit! $4,679!!

So, THAT'S why I've been receiving offer after offer... well, I called up to find out more about the program. Other interesting tidbits:
  • If you're a poker player and you play 6 hours a day in the poker room, they will reduce the amount of your suite (as long as your price is $399 or less) to $119 on Sun - Thurs and $159 on Fri-Sat nights. So, you can book the fancy suites for $369/night, play your six hours in the poker room and then have the poker desk call to the front desk to have them adjust your room rate. Good to know!
  • You earn food comps while you're playing. But they don't carry over! I had earned about $50 of food credit from my 90 minutes of video black jack and I had no idea!
  • They won't charge you for your hotel room if you don't maintain your level of play. They just won't offer you any more free nights.
  • To earn comps by playing slots, it's better to play longer with smaller bets than the way I did it, which was very concentrated playing.
  • To get a comped night for playing table games, your average bet has to be about $200/bet.
  • If you're staying there, open a credit line, charge everything to your room and then when you leave, check to see if you have any comps. If you do, have it applied to your bill.
  • If you aren't staying there and play the slots, you can go to a credit desk to get the credits you've earned (like my $50!!) transferred to a restaurant so you can use it up before you go.
I'm ready for another Vegas trip! Who's with me?


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Hi, Stephanie! I just found your blog. I'm not a gambler, but Mary and I will be in Las Vegas (at the Venetian) for a meeting in January next year. I went ahead and joined that Grazie club, although I don't think it'll be anything more than another source of junk mail for me!

Sorry to hear about your job situation!